Is is worth paying a 75% mark up on food instead of donating that money to someone who needs it? We decided, no.

September 20, 2012

First post of the YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi this is Milo again.
We are starting our second year of feeding the real need and I feel great about it.  I feel good because every year we will get to donate to Heifer again.  Last year we donated a trio of rabbits (3 rabbits) and a goat.  This year we're aiming for a water buffalo.  Well, I am anyways.  We haven't really talked about it yet.
The first thing we did so far is we had to pack a cooler when we went to the State Fair.  I had a  peanut butter sandwich and a Capri Sun.  We put $20.00 into the fund and didn't buy dinner there.  I paid $1 to see a 14 foot alligator and then I was mad because it wasted my money.  The alligator was asleep.  
My name is still Milo!
C ya!

This is me and Sawyer.  I am the one in the tie.
+ 20.00.  Total so far: $50.00


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Hey guys! Way to go again this year! Good luck with the water buffalo--you can do it!

Mama H said...

You are an inspiration to me! Thanks for your update-I will be checking your posts regularly to see how you are doing!