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December 12, 2012

Fund Facts!

I promise this is the only post of the year that will be by me, the boring mother, but I have had many people ask me how I work the fund so here are instructions.  The hardest thing is getting from the good intentions part to the actual giving part and I have found this system to be the BEST.
#1 - set up a new email account just for your fund.  trust me. it literally takes 2 minutes.
#2 - set up a new checking account at your bank that includes it's own debit card.  you only use this card to pay directly to charities.
#3 - set up a PayPal account using that new debit card/routing number/email (you will also need a PayPal account to your current banking account if you don't already have one).
#4 - add the PayPal app to your phone

And voila!  You are ready to go!  This way any time I am tempted to eat out I simply get out my phone,open PayPal (log into my primary bank account) and send money to the new email address/PayPal account with a memo that says something like, ' wanted steak real bad but resisted '.  Yes, I really wrote that in a myself.....  This system is great because you can do it right in the moment and for any measly amount but it adds up!
This would work great for savings accounts, missionary funds or travel funds as well.
Every post deserves a picture so here you go:

Merry Christmas!
feed the real need TOTAL: $332.00

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