Is is worth paying a 75% mark up on food instead of donating that money to someone who needs it? We decided, no.

September 6, 2013

2013 First Post of the Year! Heeeeere Weeeeee Gooooooooooo!

Yesterday on the way home from Jiu Jitsu I asked if we could have Subway for dinner like we normally did because my mom had meetings and we were in a hurry.  She said, "Remember it's September - it's time for Feed the Real Need."  Then my little sister said, "Mom!  Do we HAVE to?".  My mom said, "No, you don't HAVE to.  I am not going to make you do it." "OK," Said my sister, "I don't want to do it - I want to have Old McDonald's still." (McDonald's).  Then we talked all about what the money we saved the last years did for other people.  We bought a water pump, a goat, rabbits and school supplies.  Sawyer and I asked Gemma if she were a little girl in Africa, if she would appreciate it if a little American girl didn't have McDonalds so she could have a water pump instead of hauling water every day.  Then my sister said, "No - just kidding - I want to do it.".  Mom told us all to think about it on the way home and make up our minds for sure.  When she asked us later we all said YES.  But my other little sister said, "Show" (which means she wanted to watch a TV show...she's 2).  Post by: Milo (boy getting choked by toddler)

+ 10.00 (Subway) + 30.00 (date night) FRN TOTAL $40.00

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Ashley Webb said...

Wow, I love it Milo! Thanks for telling your story you inspired me to give $10 on your donate button :) I'm a friend of your Mom and Dads. Ashley and Jamie Webb