Is is worth paying a 75% mark up on food instead of donating that money to someone who needs it? We decided, no.

October 27, 2014

Mom and Milo's Night Out

       A few weeks ago me (Milo) and my mom went to a special program called "Rachel's Challenge". It is about a girl who was shot at Columbine High School and her ideas of acceptance and paying it forward.  I liked it.  (If you would like to find out more go to: ).  After the presentation we went back to our car and started driving home and my mom said,"Milo, this is the time I would take you to go get a treat.  But remember, we are doing Feed the Real Need.  I will let you decide: I can take you for a treat or we can put that money into the Fund."  I replied," I want to put the money in the fund." So we drove home and instead of eating milkshakes, we made hot chocolate instead.
      We have a lot to add to the $7 we put in that night!  Our Grandma and Grandpa Harker have joined us in Feed the Real Need every year since we started and just brought us ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!  Wahoo!  That, combined with money we saved on a family vacation and other times we haven't stopped for lunch or date nights ( Mom and Dad)  makes this post a big one.  Yay!!!
+$100 (G&G) + $85(trip) + $7(shakes) + $17 (lunch,etc.) + $45 (date night) = $254
Feed The Real Need Total: $275

  the end


AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

Way to go, Valentines! Eating out can sneak up on us--this is a good reminder to be mindful of our spending habits and give a little more. You are an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I've been bringing lunch to work. I'll run those numbers and then add them to the fund! -Dad