Is is worth paying a 75% mark up on food instead of donating that money to someone who needs it? We decided, no.

May 9, 2016

Family Meeting = Family Meaning

  I love Family Meetings.  It's our opportunity to check in with everyone and make new goals and feel united in our priorities.  We try to do one at least once a month but sometimes just pure playing gets in the way.  Anyway at our last family meeting we finally decided where to donate the money we set aside this last go-around of Feed the Real Need.  Our total was: (drumroll please)
                Thanks to some generous donations we were able to hit a new record!
  Every child got a vote as to where to put it.  There should be a link to all of these charities on the side bar if you are interested in knowing why we chose them.  We are excited to add House of Hope and First Desk to our line up of personal faves.  Do you have a favorite charity?  Please share!

Thank you, again, to everyone that helped us Feed the Real Need!

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