Is is worth paying a 75% mark up on food instead of donating that money to someone who needs it? We decided, no.

October 11, 2011

Who Says Cheaters Never Prosper....?

 Just because we've decided not to spend real $ on food doesn't mean we can't eat out - we know some budget tips so get out your pencil and notepad and save these ghetto-friendly tips for a rainy day:

#1 - Kids Eat Free at Ikea EVERY Tuesday.  As long as your offspring are little enough to fill up on the kids menu you are good to go.  Swedish Meatballs for everyone!  Our total was $6.55.

#2 - Kids Eat Free Quesadillas if you Dine In at Cafe Rio. 
We spent 2.5 hours looking at tile for our bathroom remodel one Saturday.  That's right - TWO AND A HALF HOURS and we didn't even finalize anything - probably because we were so hungry that it was debilitating (if you know me you also know that this happens to me quite easily).  We were starving when we finally got out of there.  I looked in my wallet and suddenly angels appeared and began singing the Hallelujah Chorus because I found a Cafe Rio card with 10 Stamps! Free Meal!  We got a salad, drink, burrito and 2 kids' quesadillas for $5.93.  The quesadillas are pretty little so I shared my salad with Sawyer and we were both very satisfied.

Check out that receipt!  I love you, Cafe Rio - I will be back as a real customer in January :)


hlw said...

I love this idea. I think we might join you. I'm going to talk to the fam...

Ashley and Aaron said...

Love all the zeros on that receipt -- awesome! I need to make a serious trip to Ikea soon...I was planning on going tomorrow or saturday but I guess I should wait until Tuesday!