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December 13, 2011

Vacation Victory!

The week before Thanksgiving we went to California.  I knew in the planning of this trip that we'd still be doing this blog and I was determined to stick to it.  I spent a good portion of a day just packing food and running to the store because I knew once we were in vaca mode I wouldn't want to waste time finding local grocery stores.  

I purposefully booked hotels that either had kitchenettes or at least a fridge/microwave and I packed more food than I ever thought we'd actually go through.  I was wrong.  Man, we go through a lot of food!!  So the trip wasn't totally perfect (blog-wise) but it was pretty darn close - I thought I had us covered but there were a couple of times we had to grab some real food (even I can't survive on fishy crackers, turns out).  We were away from home for a total of 16 meals and saved for the fund $135.00.  BOOYAH.  That combined with some other days makes this a pretty great post for us.
How I love my husband and children for not turning this into something I have to push alone.  I guess I kind of assumed that eventually I would be the mom who had to give daily lectures about sticking to a plan but, no.  Sawyer cries when he thinks we are going to use money that is meant for the fund and Neil hasn't complained once....even when I was handing out pb&j's on a Disneyland bench or offering an apple in the car....for the 10th time that week.  It's not like it's SO hard all of the time or that I think this is a really huge sacrifice - I know it's little on those scales, but it sure is comforting to try something together and feel united in that alone.  I've loved it.  I think we are going to make this an annual tradition.....

I am still hoping for some guest appearances on this blog!  Substitute one night in a restaurant with a home-cooked meal and donate the difference to charity.  Send me a picture so I can spotlight you and your kids can see that they are part of something (even if only slightly) greater!  We are ending our experiment soon but I will post guests all year long until we start up again next September, so step on up and Feed the Real Need!!


Lisa said...

Megan I love this! Your "little drops" in the ocean are making big waves in my heart. Thanks for sharing.

AndyPandyJackaDandy said...

You guys are so awesome! Way to go on planning it out for your trip and everything!